Since congress cannot get their ish together for a second stimulus — here are some ways that you can save money, ASAP!

It’s a straight-up mess out there and if you are someone who is struggling during this crisis OR you’re simply looking for more ways to save money…this is definitely worth the read.

I was motivated to write this piece due to an aggressive email I received from my current apartment…

It’s my third week on YouTube and this is what I’ve learned so far

Self-promotion is non-negotiable unless you’re Kim Kardashian

Initially, I went into the YouTube game without wanting to involve my closest friends, family members, and randos that I’d accumulated on my social media platforms.

When I saw that only my mom and boyfriend had subscribed and my views had hit a solid “3” in 6 days, 🙈 I…

Cassy Rivera

Day trader, here to help those who want to learn!

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